Secondary School Teacher Exposed For Having Erotic Whatsapp Conversation With His 16-year-old Student (Photos)

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A secondary school teacher has been recently exposed by an Instagram user for sex chatting with his 16 year old female student.

 @jay.mzz, the Instagram user who exposed the man shared screenshots of the sexts the male teacher sent to his underage student requesting for sex as soon as the lock down is over. 
The chat have shocking contents which includes an obscene photo of a man and woman having sex.
As seen in the chat, the student bluntly turned down the sexual advances from her teacher and made it clear how unhappy she is with the kind of texts he is sending her. despite her refusal, the teacher refused to back down and continue use lewd words to make her reconsider and accept his proposition.
When the student reminded him of their age difference, he simply dismissed it telling her that he is just a few years older than that.
Sharing screenshots of the alleged chats and photos of the teacher, the Instagram user captioned:-

“This is the conversation a 15 year old SS 2 student had with her teacher. This is a very disturbing and irking action and a person like this should not be in any position to work around minors. Whoever is in contact with this man should bring this to the notice of his colleagues and employees before anything more chaotic happens to these kids.”

See the photos of their conversations below:

instagram screenshot of millbank school teacher who sex chats his student

screenshot of their whatsapp conversation

screenshot of their whatsapp conversation

screenshot oftheir whatsapp conversation

screenshot of their whatsapp conversation

facebook screenshot of the teacher's profile

screenshot of the comments of other instagram users to the post

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Written by Bello Habeeb

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