Free Online Course for Medical Billing and Coding with Certificate

Online course for medical billing and coding

On the internet, there are online courses for almost every field out there. An online course for medical billing and coding is no exception.

You might not be so familiar with the area of medical billing and coding, so let’s look at some basic info about this.

Medical billers and coders are people that ensure that medical professionals are appropriately paid, while also ensuring that patients are billed as they should. They process patient data from things like diagnoses, tests, treatment records, and insurance information. Then, they use the information they get in billing patients and paying healthcare professionals.

To be a medical biller and coder, you need to have an adequate understanding of insurance. Additionally, you should be able to interpret testing and diagnoses and handle billing.

If you already have some experience in healthcare or studied in a Life Science field, it will be easy for you to learn medical billing and coding. The same is for people that already know how to code.

Anyway, if you have no previous medical and coding knowledge, respectively, you can learn medical coding from scratch.

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Free online course for medical billing and coding

1. AI and Big Data in Global Health Improvement

Offered by Taipei Medical University via Future Learn

This course is not exactly an online course for medical coding and billing. But it focuses on the use of AI and data in medical practice. So, you can take this course to gain foundational knowledge for medical coding.

AI and Big Data in Global Health Improvement is offered by Taipei Medical University through Future Learn. Taipei Medical University is Taiwan’s leading educational institution in the healthcare field. Their online course for medical billing and coding takes about 2-4weeks to complete.

The course has a rating of 4.7/5 on Future Learn.

2. What is Medical Coding and Billing?

Offered by Udemy

The online course for medical billing and coding on Udemy has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The course is great for absolute beginners who want to explore the medical coding and billing field to see if it is a career they could take up. It covers general information about the field and possible jobs for medical biller and coders.

The course is offered by PPMC Academy, an institution with the aim of helping people learn about medical practice management for an affordable price. However, the course is free on Udemy, but doesn’t come with a certificate.

During this one-hour course, you will learn about diagnostic coding, procedural coding, etc.

3.Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Offered by Erasmus University, Rotterdam via Coursera

This is not an online course for medical billing and coding in itself. However, you can gain some knowledge of the use of IT in healthcare. The course  explores the area of keeping hospital digital records and other confidential information safe.

Taking this course can be a stepping stone as you learn about closely related fields like medical coding and billing. Specific topics are hacking, cyber hygiene, data breaches, and human behavior.

The duration for this course is 15 hours. You will be awarded a free certificate upon completion.

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4. Basics of Medical Coding & Billing

Offered by Free Medical Billing Training

Free Medical Billing Training is a website that provides online courses for medical billing and coding. It is a great resource for learning about medical billing and coding. They offer a paid course that comprises video lessons. However, there’s a summary, text version of the course for free.

The free course is for people that want to gain fundamental knowledge in the field. It covers the areas of medical coding, health insurance plans, etc.

5. Learn Medical Billing in One Hour

Offered by YouTube and Dr. Chrono

Get a free medical coding and billing course from Dr. Chrono, a YouTube channel. This one-hour crash course takes you through the basics of medical billing and coding in an hour.

Other than this course, there are other videos on medical coding and billing on the channel. There are also several other healthcare-related topics on Dr. Chrono.

This billing and coding course teaches you how to use their own medical billing software. The lesson also touches on using Apollo, a physical therapy billing software.

6. Online course for medical billing and coding by MB&CC

This is course is offered on the MB&CC on their website. It consists of five video lectures that you can access for free. The videos cover the basics of medical coding and medical billing in the second and third lecture, respectively. There’s also a section that is dedicated to how the concepts are applied in the real world.

The last lesson explores options for further learning and starting an actual career in the field. This includes instructions on how to prepare for the American Association of Professional Coders Certified Professional Coder exam. In addition to the lectures, MB&CC offers free downloadable materials and quizzes to aid you in learning.

7. Introduction to Medical Coding

Offered by YouTube and Contempo Coding

Contempo Coding provides a free online course for medical billing and coding on YouTube. This introductory video is part of a series of videos about medical billing created by Contempo Coding.

The video takes you through the basics. Like, the meaning of medical coding and billing, certifications needed to become a professional, and the daily tasks of a medical coder. Other helpful tips are book recommendations, gear recommendations, additional courses, and possible places to get jobs for medical coders.

8. Medical Coding ICD 10 CM

Offered by Udemy

This online course for medical coding and billing lasts for an hour and a half. It was created by Udaykumar Talloju, a certified in-patient coder.

This crash course contains a lot of important information about ICD 10 CM medical coding. The course is great for both beginner and intermediate learners. So, you have a head start if you already studied in a medical or life sciences field.

The course is centred around the basics of medical coding as it relates to ICD-10 CM.

9. Free online Monthly Webinar for medical billing and coding

Via Certification Coaching Org

Certification Coaching Organization provides students with the needed resources to prepare them for certification exams. Every month, the website offers a free webinar for you to learn about the things you need to become a medical biller and coder.

During the webinar, you can ask questions about medical coding, and get answers live.

Certification Coaching Org also has paid courses, should you want to go further in learning medical coding.

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