Digital marketer online course: 7 Great Free Online Courses for Digital Marketing

Digital marketer online course

Presently, Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills. It stands out as a prominent skill needed for the future of work.Fortunately, there are numerous digital marketer online courses that will equip you with these important skills.

Whether you are looking into taking up a corporate role or starting up your own business, having some digital marketing skills handy is of great benefit. So, do yourself a world of good, and take up a digital marketer online course.

Some of the best digital marketer online courses are:

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1. Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course by Hubspot Academy

This is one of the most popular digital marketer online course. It is facilitated by HubSpot, a company with a large portfolio of MarTech (marketing technology) products.

The course teaches how to use the inbound methodology to attract an audience, grow a following, and convert your following into prospective customers. The topics in this course range from creating blog posts to marketing on social media.

All levels of learners can benefit from this course.

Hubspot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course is a four-hour is totally worth the time. It consists of 10 lessons, 34 videos, and 9 quizzes.

The specific topics you will learn about in this digital marketer online course are
the fundamentals of inbound marketing, content strategy, creating blog posts, use of social media, lead nurturing, etc.

When you finish the course and pass the assessment tests, you will be awarded a certificate. This certificate is shareable on LinkedIn and resumes. It is one of the most recognised certificates in the digital marketing industry. In fact, you can find it in the drop-down options for certifications on Upwork.

HubSpot Academy has other fantastic digital marketer online courses other than this inbound marketing course. So, if you follow up enough courses from the Academy, you will gain you have sufficient digital marketing knowledge. Though, some of these courses do not come with certificates. Other than learning digital marketing, you can also learn how to use HubSpot marketing software products. This is of great advantage if you’re interested in a content manager/specialist role.

2. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Offered by Google

Google digital marketer online course

This is another popular digital marketer online course. Google’s Digital Garage contains free lessons for beginners as well as intermediate learners. The Fundamental of Digital Marketing course consists of 26 modules. And, each module consists of lessons in video format. There are also quizzes to test you on your progress through the course.

Although the course is to take 40 hours, you can complete it at your own pace. Some of the topics in the course are content/email/social media marketing, SEO, advertising, and analytics.

At the end of the course, you will get a free certificate that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

3. Become an Online Marketing Manager by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a digital marketer online course to help intermediate learners broaden their knowledge. This course is ideal for those that already have basic skills in digital marketing.

There are 11 modules in this course. And, the expected time for completion is 24 hours. The main areas in this course are creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy and social media advertising. Specific topics in the course include growth hacking, Google analytics, Google AdWords, UX design, etc.

The course is free for people who have a LinkedIn premium membership. However, if you are using free LinkedIn, you can access the course through a free one-month trial for premium.

4. Internet Marketing for Smart People Offered by Copyblogger

Having been around for close to two decades, Copyblogger is at the very top of the content marketing world. So, it goes without telling that their digital marketer online course is a game-changer.

Internet Marketing for Smart People comprises 20 modules which are delivered by email inbox. Also, you will receive eBooks and other learning materials to help you hone your writing skills and influence your audience.

5. Alison Free Diploma in E-Business

Alison is an online learning platform that was created by Mike Feerick in 2007. Now, it has a community of more than six million registered users. The platform offers free courses in various areas.

You can take their digital marketer online course called Diploma in E-Business. The course is great for beginners and takes about six to ten hours. The skills that you will learn include Google AdWords and analytics, SEO, revenue metrics, campaign tracking, and more.

Upon completion, you will receive a Learner Achievement Verification Report. Alternatively, you can buy a certificate from the site’s online shop for around $20.

6. Digital Marketing Strategy
Offered by The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers this digital marketer online course through edX. The course explores how to create and implement a digital marketing strategy for your business. The expected duration of the course is 32-48 hours or 8 weeks.

You will learn how to create and use consumer personas, conduct a competitor audit, and more.

You can only get a certificate when you are paying for edX.

7. Digital Marketer Online course by Kapil Chopra (via Skillshare) 

Kapil Chopra, through Skillshare, teaches Quick Tips and Tricks to Learn Digital Marketing in no Time. This digital marketer online course consists of 37 short lessons that can be completed in four hours.

This course is not free per se. But, Skillshare offers a free two-month trial. That is more than enough time for you to go through all the lessons in the course once. Some of the lessons in the course are keyword research, Google AdWords and Analytics, and YouTube SEO techniques.


If you are looking to take on marketing roles, or even start your own small business, it’s so important to acquire some knowledge in digital marketing. And, ypu can acheive this with digital marketer online course. So, we hope that these ones right here help you take your very first steps into the world of digital marketing.

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