Unbelievable! See What This UNIBEN Student Did With The Photo Of His Vice Chancellor (Photos)

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A talented painter and undergraduate student at the University of Benin has left many people with their mouth open after crafting a portrait photo with over 6,000 bottle covers to make a portrait. 

Joshua Egesi, a student of UNIBEN has made an outstanding portrait of his Vice-Chancellor using over 5000 bottle covers.
At first glance, the photo will make an observer think they are looking at a painting on a smooth canvass, but the painting was actually done with several bottle covers.
An 11ft by 7ft portrait of the UNIBEN chancellor was made with a used cover which is around 2,000 in number.
The portrait was declared as the biggest bottle-cap portrait of its type In Africa by the man who revealed the photo portrait.
Josh has since received praises and accolades on social media for his artistic talent and was claimed to be one of the most talented painters in Nigeria.

See more photos below:-


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