#ThrowbackThursday: Who Was Your First Crush When You Entered Campus?

The #ThrowbackThursday is the section on Kokocampus where questions on past events shall be discussed. Throwbacks are not only about photos of you or your friends that you took or were taken of you that now makes you feel funny and a little embarrassed. They are also memorable moments, events and experiences that you’ve had in the past that triggers a feeling of excitement.
 Not all throwbacks actually make you feel good. Trust me, I know that feeling most especially as a student. But that is why #Throwbackthursday is here, share your experience with other students here and learn from their own. Let’s discuss the happy and sad times together!
Today on the first episode of #ThrowbackThursday, the big question is:

Who was your first crush when you first entered the university or polytechnic or any other tertiary institution you are in?

Most definitely, we all have that girl or guy that got our attention on the first day of school. It is that person that you consciously or unconsciously look out for when you walk around in your department. Most usually, it’s a student in your class or a student from your faculty. Unlike in Nollywood and Bollywood movies, you don’t have to bump into each other on the walkway.

Usually, girls that “slay” (heavy dressers) and the ones with attractive feminine features like big boobs and bum get more crush from the guys than others. For the guys, you have to be brilliant and answer a lot of questions correctly in class. Forget about being a fine boy, it rarely works on the 1st-year girls. This is the reason why brilliant class reps have finer babes swarming around them.

So, Kokolites! Who is that girl or guy you fell for on day one? Did you guys later get to go out together? What was the thing about him/her that attracted you in the first place?  Do you still have feelings for him, deep down?

Don’t even bother asking who my crush was. Ok, I will tell you. It was one very pretty girl that we attended the same junior secondary school together and met again at the university. I like her but we never got to date because I was not what you can call a “sharp guy”. Sadly, I think I still like her but she is married!

Who was your first crush when you entered campus?

We would love to hear from you in the comment box. 

What do you think?

Written by Bello Habeeb


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