The First Students Lifestyle Magazine Is Almost Upon You & Here Are All You Need To Know

It is with much excitement that we announce to you that after several months of deliberations, we have decided to add to our awesome portfolio, a student digital lifestyle magazine.
If you are a regular visitor to our website, you would know that what we are doing is unique and different from what is out there.
We are new but we probably the only one exclusively doing what we are doing. We are all about students, their interests and lifestyle.
We strive to produce quality content and report news and events where students are involved. All these, we mostly do on the campus blog section of the website.
But today we are glad to inform you ahead of time that, come April ending, we will publish our first edition of kokocampus magazine and below are all you need to know in anticipation of what might be the biggest Nigerian students lifestyle magazine in years to come.
Kokocampus magazine is a digital magazine that will feature the best of our contents across all our platforms which includes the website, the social platforms and more. As it is digital, it will be more of pictures and less words to convey the stories featured therein. We will try to be quick and precise as studies have indicated people spend less time reading words. Young audiences like ours are even less patient.
Every edition of the magazine will be made available for download on the campus magazine section of the website.
The magazine will be available in a bold and beautifully designed PDF format that will be readable on all devices and screen.

What are the kind of contents to be expected in the magazine?

Just like the other regular magazines, the contents will be featured under different columns with the exception that we will have more of photo gallery, interviews and stories than your regular newspaper magazine. We are going to do things differently in a good way.

Columns To be Featured In Kokocampus Magazine.

News 5

This will feature the summary of the top 5 of the student news stories we cover in a month.

Story time:

Interesting fictions is what we will be doing here. We will strive to bring you original stories from our hired story writers. No internet scrapes.

Relationship & Sex Talk

We are already looking forward to this being one of the best column in the magazine. The discussion will centre around the major and minor things youngsters don’t wanna talk about in their relationship and sex life.

Top 5 meme

Everyday, we post memes that revolve around student’s life and experience on our social platforms right from our Instagram page to our WhatsApp TV status.
We will feature the ones that generates more engagement on this platforms so if you miss any of our updates, you will get the best of them back on our magazine.

Kc list.

We will curate special funny lists around Nigerian students, lecturers, campus life and general lifestyle of Nigerians. You would love them. One list in every edition of the magazine.

Koko Icon

We will feature interviews with beautiful and handsome students who are rocking it and doing great things asides from their academics.
Our featured icon for a particular edition will be the face on the front cover of the mag.

#Wcw & #Mcm

Every week, we have a male and female student we crush on. We will dedicate some pages of the magazine for you to meet these beautiful people.

Photo Gallery

These are just pages in the magazine to show you the dope pictures of Nigerian students slaying it in their school.

Celeberity talk

Just some rare facts about your favorite Nigerian celebrities is what will be putting here.
The important articles from the PDF version of each edition of the magazine will be presented in their long form contents on the campus magazine section of the site. This will enable readers of the PDF version who wants to engage with some of the contents through comments to do so on the website.
Lastly we appreciate all our esteem readers and fans on our social platforms. You are the reason why we are here and with you by our side, the sky will be limit to yours and our success.
Kindly subscribe to our mail so we can always send you the fresh edition of the magazine every time its out!
We love you!

Written by Bello Habeeb


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