Story: My Year As A Fresher

My 2BLife 2BAs 2BA 2BFresher 2BIn 2BThe 2BUniversity
My 2BLife 2BAs 2BA 2BFresher 2BIn 2BThe 2BUniversity



Looking at my facial expression; I mean how I softly glared at everything around me, the unconcealed excitement, how I looked amazingly innocent, you’d think it was all about finally gaining admission but I’ll truthfully tell you that gaining admission is like gaining my freedom. Leaving my parent’s house was like breaking free out of bondage, it was exactly and I could picture myself washing stacked dirty dishes if I was home.
I was deeply in thought when someone softly tapped my left shoulder. I looked back and he said, “come with me”. I did without hesitating because I was standing in the middle of the walkway and I thought he was only trying to get me to leave the road.

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“Why are you fine like 10 people?” He said as he looked at me surprisingly. That was my first time hearing that and I laughed so hard.
“Your beauty is attractively mad”, he added. I paused for some seconds to process what he meant by that, that wasn’t funny to me but I laughed still.
I liked his vibes and how he made me laugh. I wanted more of that once in a while, maybe often too. We exchanged phone numbers and we had a very long conversation on WhatsApp that evening.

Lanre was in 400 level while I was the new fish, A fresher. We started dating after a week.
The first month of being with him was fun, I was so carried away that I convinced myself that I was ready for this.
Dating wasn’t part of my plans until I met Lanre. His look, and how he makes me feel was everything I wanted.

After a month of dating, different girls would either send me a threat text or curse me on phone to leave their man. I told Lanre and he denied them all.

“Was there a massive failure, Did the lecturers mark my scripts wrongly, How will I have five carryovers? How?” I sadly asked myself repeatedly after seeing my first semester results, I failed woefully. In fact, “Woefully” is an understatement.
“You don’t have to be this sad because of your 100level results, you have seen it now and you know you should do better later, it’s not the end of the world so you better don’t kill yourself,” Lanre said. He took me to ShopRite that evening just to cheer me up, it worked.

During the first semester break, I had to come up with different excuses for my parent so I could stay behind in school. I wanted to spend more time with Lanre and I was trying to avoid resuming my housemaid duties.

I was forced to travel home two days after I was mercilessly beaten up by a group of girls who claimed I snatched their friend’s man. Lanre innocently denied again.

School resumed for the second semester. I got back to school on a Sunday evening, Lanre should have been the first person I would inform but I tried avoiding him. I reduced how we communicate because I didn’t want to have anything serious to do with him after I was beaten up.

On Tuesday morning, I saw him at one of our popular meetings joint at school. I wanted to snub him but I couldn’t help it. I moved closer and covered his eyes with my left hand. I told him to guess and he guessed right. He was holding a wrap of weed and he hid it immediately he saw me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was trembling.

I was short of words, I would deny and fight anyone who tells me this side of him, but I clearly saw it with my eyes widely opened.

I didn’t back out but rather had the mindset to try my best to change him. I rescheduled my life, I wanted to be more serious with my studies no matter what and also make Lanre be how I really want him to be for me, “wait! did I just sound selfish? I am his girlfriend, so?!”
I didn’t bother to go to school the following day, instead, I prepared his favorite meal and took it to his hostel just to surprise him. Immediately he saw me, he tried hiding something which I guessed was weed. It was a weed.

“Was he doing this before I met him or he just started?” I asked myself. I couldn’t find an answer but I rather felt a bit of regret thinking he started smoking because I wasn’t around and I wasn’t giving him enough attention while I was away too. I moved a few of my things to his place that week so as to spend more time with him.

The following week, I totally forgot I had classes, well, Moji writes faster and Mary is a born-teacher she will explain to me. I didn’t go to school for the first 3 weeks of resumption but Lanre did a couple of times.

In short, I became “single at home, married in school”, yet my name still carries a “Miss”. I became a better cook rather than a better reader, I began to deal with all the house chores I avoided at home. My multitasking skill was top notch.

The second-semester test was approaching and I started attending classes once in a while. The notes were too bulky, and every explanation weren’t clear enough.
I missed two tests due to some reasons I can’t even remember. On the last day of the test, I planned to go pick up some things at my place but I forgot my key at Lanre’s hostel and I went back to take it.

I knocked several times but no answer, I tried using the spare key he gave me but didn’t open, meaning his own key was used to lock the door from inside. I waited for close to two hours, yes! two! good! hours!

He opened the door and saw me, he ran inside and slammed the door, I forced it open and followed. The lady I saw half-naked in his bed looked so familiar, I later remembered she was one of the girls that beat me up. I saw several wraps of weed too and dirty plates. Those were the plates I woke up at 4am to wash, they even disorganized the room I arranged. I saw the reason why he was telling me to change the bedsheet before I left for school that morning.

I collapsed, I woke up at the school clinic the following morning. I was advised to go home for proper care which I did because I needed to stay away from the school environment in order to stay sane.

I resumed school after the examination time table was released, I wrote all my exams empty-headed. The results came out and it was worse than that of the first semester, I already knew I wasn’t going anywhere after calculating my GP. I wasn’t on good standing and my admission was terminated.

I set my eyes on Lanre twice after the incident. The first was the day I went to his house to pack my belongings.

The wound that refused to heal in my heart was touched again the second time I saw him, which was in his graduation gown, How he smiled uninterruptedly with joy boldly written all over his face.

I learned my lessons faster and in the most painful ways.

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Written by Bello Habeeb


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