“I am about to lose my family for the same reason no girl agreed to date me during my university days” – 33 year old graduate laments

‘’Please repeat what you just said’’ I demanded with a pained heart. I kind of knew she had no reason to lie, but then I equally didn’t want to believe her. Softly she repeated her words once again, slowly this time around.


‘’So what is it that is so serious you wish to discuss with me?’’  I asked Mrs. Johnson who nervously faced me with a smile in my office. She was no other person than my wife’s best friend and we had known each other for over six years that I have been married to my wife.

For the past few days she had been calling, trying to set up an appointment with me, something that got me worried and curious because she could have easily stopped by at my home, instead she chose meeting me privately at my office.


‘’I know you must be wondering why I’m here in your office?, well it’s about something that has been eating me up. There are certain things that happened when I was younger I really can’t carry in my conscience any longer.

You have been of great help to my husband and I. You helped us when we were financially down. I’m now a born again Christian and I have some secrets I have to confess to you in order to free my mind’’ she softly explained while I nervously stared at her. I really didn’t know what to expect or hear but the anxiety already made me sweat under the air conditioner in my office.

‘’Your first and last child isn’t yours’’ she dropped the bombshell shattering my ears, my head, and my heart with the announcement. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It seemed so impossible to ever imagine.

My wife had never given me reason to doubt her even for once. She was very respectful, loving and caring. We had been married for six years and had never quarrelled for once. I was so shocked, hearing that the children I had known all their lives might not be mine.

‘’Please repeat what you just said’’ I demanded with a pained heart. I kind of knew she had no reason to lie, but then I equally didn’t want to believe her. Softly she repeated her words once again, slowly this time around.

‘’Why?’’ I screamed.

‘’Because , because she claimed your joystick is very small and  you don’t satisfy her’’ she stammered while I looked down in shock and embarrassment. Yes, all she said was right but my wife hardly complains. In fact she always smiled and kissed me whenever we tried getting intimate and it refuses to stand.

Softly I fell back on my chair as my thoughts wandered back to my university days how I was rejected by so many girls and how I finally met my wife during my NYSC.


First it was Pamela in my 200 level, after spending the night in my room for the first time after weeks of begging, pleading and persuasion.

That night, I couldn’t get a full erect*n and outspokenly asked why my joystick seem like that of a 12 year old. After that night, Pamela stopped talking to me altogether. It was my first opportunity to get intimate with a girl and it turned out bad. I was deeply embarrassed.

It was so much that I never bothered looking for her after that night and I kept to myself till my 300 level when I met Amaka, my hostel neighbour who always was coming to my room over any flimsy excuse she had. It wasn’t long before we got closer and I tried getting down with her. This time around I was able to get it up for few minutes even though it was small for my body size.

I couldn’t help but notice the surprise and disappointment in her eyes and after thrusting like 3 times inside her, I released my seed, instantly ending the fun before it even started. Amaka never gave me her attention after that day while I equally kept my lane.

I graduated and went for my NYSC where I met my wife.


I never got to be intimate with my wife Jane till our wedding night. That fateful night I couldn’t really get my thing to stand, no matter how much she sucked it and tried to encourage me. In the end we slept off without doing nothing.

I was overly worried about myself but Jane was very supportive and within the next few days, tried her best to get me a hard on. I made efforts and took a lot of drugs to get hard and full. But its starting to get addictive. I can’t have any intimate affair with my wife without pills. It worries me because I know what the side effects of these pills are and I know sooner or later, my system will adjust to them and they will become less effective.


I decided not to take these pills as regularly as I do before.  Luckily, I managed to have fun with my wife or so I think. To be honest, I knew I really wasn’t satisfying her the way she wanted but she never for once complained and gradually we started having children which I never for once doubted, until that fateful moment her friend showed up with such revelation.

I was so shocked and devastated.

I couldn’t really get myself to confront my wife after work that fateful day, instead I kept to myself and behaved as
if I was simply having a bad day from the office. Over the next few days I thought about how to follow up with the situation but the more I thought about it, the more clueless I became. Finally after a week of thinking,

I had DNA test conducted on my children without my wife’s knowledge and just like her friend revealed, the test confirmed everything. Only the second child was mine. It was so painful and traumatic. Yet I couldn’t get myself to confront my wife, instead I started looking for help to cure myself, to fix my manhood which really had been the cause of my predicament.

Finally I came across this e-book online which helped me get a remedy; cured my weak erection problem
and even helped with penis enlargement, making me normal and whole for the first time in my life.


Now I’m faced with confronting my wife about the kids that aren’t mine but truly don’t want my marriage to crash.

The children know me as their father and I have gotten to love them very much.

I am so confused right now that I don’t know what to do.

Please, my advice to all men is that money is not everything. Please, if you have any issue with your performance health, take care of yourself now before it becomes late. Don’t fall victim to paternity fraud.

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Written by Habeeb


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