Nini And Saga: 4 Interesting Facts About The BBNaija S6 Housemates’ Relationship


Trending this past week were housemates, Nini and Saga. Saga’s dramatic reaction to the sudden
disappearance of his fellow housemate and love interest, Nini, from the house.

The social media space has been abuzz with the talk of the two housemates and
love birds since Big Brother decided to play a fast one on Saga.

It all started when Biggie decided to throw another shocker at the housemates
by assigning Nini a secret task. He instructed her to discreetly leave the other
housemates and move to a hidden room in the house. Saga was the first to
notice Nini’s absence, and he raised an alarm. Other housemates joined him to
search for her, but the search was futile. Later on, Saga was seen sitting by
himself quietly shedding tears.

While everybody was amazed at how a grown man like Saga could be so
emotional, we’ve dug up some interesting facts about the two housemates, their
relationship, and the whole disappearance act.

Let’s go.

1. (Nini And Saga): True Love Exists

Despite the heated argument on social media about the authenticity of Saga’s
emotions, it is safe to say Saga has a thing for the beautiful, 27 — year old graduate of UniAbuja.

Before the prank, Saga and Nini were an item. Right from the early days of the
show, they are always around each other. They cuddle and share little secrets.
They even gossip about other housemates.
It is obvious that Saga is the one with the biggest crush though.

Their close relationship bears semblance to what the popular housemates of last
season, Ozo and Nengi had. The only difference is that Saga gets more ‘action’
from Nini than Ozo got from Nengi. Unlike Ozo, Nini reciprocates Saga’s show of

What more? Saga has shown his disappointment at Nini for pranking him, which
further confirms that his feelings for her are genuine.

Discussing with a fellow housemate, Pere, he disclosed why he is not very happy
and excited about Nini’s return. He stated that his emotions are true, and he felt
embarrassed for displaying his emotions on TV just for a prank. He further
revealed to Pere that if Nini was a fake housemate and had disappeared, he
would have enrolled in a psychiatric hospital.

Please, what is this if not true love?


2. (Nini And Saga): Saga Will Make A Good Actor

True love is real and Saga may be one of the true lover boys out there. But we
can’t completely rule out the fact that Saga’s tears may be crocodile tears. After
all, its all a game, and the emotional breakdown may be one of Saga’s cards to
get viewers to sympathize with him and garner more votes to keep him in the

If all the tears were just an act for the camera, then he played it well. It wouldn’t
be a surprise if he joins the Nollywood industry after the show.

Or would it?

3. (Nini And Saga): The Ship Is About To Sink

As the show slowly draws to an end, Saga and Nini have been put up for
eviction along with other housemates like Whitemoney, Angel, Pere, and Queen.
Only two of these housemates could escape the eviction to join Liquorose,
Emmanuel, and Cross as the top five.

All the housemates up for eviction are strong contenders. By sheer popularity
and fan base, Saga and Nini have little or no chance when pitched against
White Money and Angel.

Though its early to draw conclusions and the show has been full of surprises, it
would be a miracle if Nini and Saga were the two housemates that make it to the
top five. One of them might but not the two as they both have strikes already.

Whatever the case, whether one or both of them gets evicted tonight, the Nini-
Saga’s ship is threatened. We all know how it usually ends when such a
relationship gets out of the house.

4. (Nini And Saga): Saga Will Likely Chop Breakfast, Last Last


Its a week to the end of the Big Brother Naija’s Shine Ya Eye reality show. And
up until now, Nini has always maintained that Saga is just a friend, that she has a
boyfriend outside the house.

Information and photos of Nini’s alleged boyfriend that surfaced portray him as a
handsome, well-built, classy, and rich young man.

In other news, another Abuja entrepreneur was reported to be Nini’s real
boyfriend or fiancé.

All this has caused doubts about whether Nini is going to ever date Saga or have
anything to do with him outside the house as soon as she reunites with her real
boyfriend, whoever he is.

This season’s show was first met with scepticism. There were doubts about
whether it would be able to live up to what the previous season offered.
Even if it didn’t get the ovation as the previous one, the twists and turns
introduced by Biggie from time to time have made this another interesting season
of the multi-billion Naira reality show.

What do you think?

Written by Habeeb


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