How Can You Make A Man Want You More? Here Is What I Learned The Hard Way

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Yes! Making a man want you or miss you badly, fall in love with you again and chase after you is possible even if you are in a long-distance relationship or you are not yet in any relationship with him at all. That is if you are ready to make it happen, put in a little work and make some sacrifice.

You must be thinking: How do you know this? Because I am a woman too, I have gone through similar pains and as at two years ago, I don’t have many friends, not the kind I can confide in about my man, and I am quite secretive about my relationships. So, when the pain was hitting awful, I was uncomfortable telling anyone what was happening in my love life. How the relationship with my man is crumbling. I turned to the internet for respite and for about a month I have almost consumed every relationship article out there that talked about how to make a man want you, how to make him miss you badly, how to make him love you more, how to make him regret leaving you and a ton of others. While some of these articles did a wonderful job of explaining my situation and most of the others were just a spin of what I have already read but none of them is providing my desired solution, at least not to my satisfaction. None of them was convincing enough to make me take action.

The thing is, I do have this consciousness of knowing when I come across a piece of good information. The first thing it does to me is to want to take action immediately and so fast that I just get impatient, sometimes impatient enough to read the full details. I was not getting these vibes. I decided to turn to buy e-books from these relationship writers.

Perhaps they are leaving some vital things out that can only be found in their paid books. Yeah, the story remained the same until I came across this particular book from James Bauer.

This was the third e-book I paid for and it took me two weeks to start reading it. I have started losing my enthusiasm and was already considering opening up to my mum (we live continents apart) who I think is the only person I can confide (as well as the last person I would want to)in such matters if there is ever anybody I could talk to about my relationship life. But then Jenny came along. You would know more about Jenny down the storyline.

I think one of the reasons why I didn’t open this book at first was partly because I was tired of reading all these books and not getting what I want. I am not so big on reading, it was my situation that changed me fast.

Another reason was that the book was way cheaper than the other two books I got earlier. I was a believer in “the more expensive it is, the better it is going to be” and I only bought this book because of a video on the web that Jenny shared with me. There was something in the video that got my attention and drew me to it. The book was recommended in the video and I knew immediately that “This might be it”. Plus, the author was a name I have seen other writers in the many articles have read, referenced and highly revered.

Before I tell you my story, I would say, the best step I took in those months of my life was getting this book. And even though some tips I will be leaving here are not entirely from the book but the huge part of it came from my relationship experience after putting what I learned from the book to test.

I wish I could just copy out the content of the book here, it would have saved me a lot of time and you would have gotten to learn and put things from the book to test to get your own results instead of blindly following whatever advice I leave here. But I can’t do that for obvious reasons. My relationship life is doing great now and I wouldn’t like to mess it and other areas of my life up with a copyright lawsuit.

So, this is my story:

I caught my husband with my best friend Lizzy(this name and other names are not real for obvious reasons) at her place. It was so devastating and heartbreaking. I couldn’t believe my eyes. His only excuse was that I was too rigid, very unromantic and always busy with my job. It was so terrible a thing to bear because I was so much in love with him.

This came around the time I was beginning to think my relationship is going to blossom again, but I was wrong.

My husband got a new job with a travel and lifestyle agency as the media director. He travels a lot and ours was more of a long-distance relationship. Anytime he is around for a few days, he still seems far off, almost like he isn’t.

As much as I was happy with him having a new job with much better pay, I was unhappy at the cost this came with. The man I courted for 2 years before our marriage was nothing like this. He was quiet, calm and loving. But now, just barely 8 months into our marriage and with his new job, he has changed. Or let me say, he is changing fast. I wasn’t happy about the changes I was seeing and obviously, wasn’t happy with the distance his new job was created between us. I tried many times to sit us down to have a good conversation about this and make him see what’s happening. It was one of these times that I recommended that he get a new job that would make him more available. He got really mad at me the first time I said this. And 6 months later, nothing has changed.


Just one Friday afternoon, I came home to meet my husband back from one of his trips unannounced. I noticed something different about him but I couldn’t place my hands on it. He was sort of very quieter than usual. I was expecting him to leave in four days like he usually does, but he didn’t. A week went by and he is still around. Two weeks, I started getting worried. I asked him when he is gonna leave and this got him upset. He demanded why I am chasing him from his own home. We stopped talking for a few days.

One evening, he came closer to me, very sober and confided in me that he has lost his position at the agency due to some restructuring happening in the agency’s parent company. I was angry, confused and felt sad for him. But for the first time in a while, he was ready to have a conversation with me, and we had a long one which eventually ended up with good s*x.


We figured it’s time for him to get a job near home, and he obliged. But pending that time, I put in for an extra shift at my job to cover for our expenses before he gets another job.

It was one of these days at my workplace that I wasn’t feeling too well and couldn’t run my double shift at once. I left my workplace at the end of the first shift. I didn’t want to go home immediately to my husband. I don’t want him worried about or feel guilty for placing all the burden on me by losing his job.

So, I decided to stop at my friend’s place who works only the night shifts. And this perhaps was one of the worst decisions I ever made (or maybe the best as I later came to realize).

It is unusual for my friend Lizzy to leave her door unlocked. Maybe, she was lost in the pleasure of the “head” she was receiving from my husband (that “motherf” is good at that). This perhaps may be the same reason she didn’t pick my call earlier too.

All in all, I walked into my jobless husband giving my best friend “head”. I was shocked and I lost the feeling in my leg for some seconds.

I remembered my mum. She has always said that all men are the same and no matter how good they are, they would still cheat. She had been talking about my father. He had been a good man, but that hadn’t stopped him from making advances to other women. My mother loved him still with everything he did. Even, after he had passed away.

Well, I am not my mum, and I am too young to put up with that bullsh*t. I filed for a divorce against my husband immediately.

But to my biggest shock, less than a year later, he went ahead to marry my friend who he claimed was a hundred times better than me, leaving me heartbroken and emotionally shattered. I tried rebuilding my life but it was far from easy. I wanted to love and be loved. I had to force myself into several relationships but it wasn’t easy. Every man I met seemed to want nothing but s*x. None wanted a commitment and after a while, I gave up on love, picked up my shattered life instead of sulking all day and decided to live a carefree life.

In no time I started having crazy friends.

Of course, I was still attractive enough to meet men because I was still in my mid-thirties.

I soon met this sweet couple Will and Jenny. Although I met Will first, and I had actually had a thing for him but then, I discovered he has a girl which was Jenny. She was so sweet and we became friends. Jenny wanted a threesome and she told Will. Unknowing to me, they drew me closer. We became closer. And I started sleeping over at their place.

The first time I slept over there, Jenny went completely nak*d. Gallivanting around. She was really beautiful. But it took a lot more than that to make me fall.

The second night I slept there, we went clubbing. And I got back with them completely wasted. That night, they had s*x on the same bed I was. I knew at one point because I opened my eyes, and I watched. But I didn’t let them know I was up.

The third night, it was cold and I rolled myself up like a ball. I think Will noticed because he started rubbing my legs and from there, he moved a bit higher, and he started touching me, with his girlfriend lying right beside him.

I didn’t stop him, I loved the feeling. He came closer to me and told me what he wanted and I nodded foolishly. But thank God for Jen who was having cold feet that night. She said she couldn’t. That night, they had sex again with me on the bed. This time I couldn’t watch, I turned away. The next morning, Will started apologizing. Sincerely speaking, I didn’t see why he should, but I left it.

He started asking me why I didn’t join in and I arched a brow. I told him I wasn’t interested in such stuff

So I met Leo who was pals with Will and talks buddies with my ex. I had a crush on him. He was good with words and he was a flirt. That I knew.

So I went with Leo, Will’s best pal. I know I could have taken someone else, but Leo was everything that I found attractive in a man.

Well, I thought. We went to his house and that night he didn’t even waste his time coming unto me. We had great s*x that made me like him more but unfortunately, he soon made me feel like I sucked at s*x. That was when I knew that we both were never going to work. He soon started giving me an attitude and I made up my mind that I was leaving never to come back again.


I stopped calling Leo, and he didn’t bother calling either. I was hurt. Jenny asked what was up with me and I told her. I knew she was going to tell Will but I didn’t care. At that point, Jenny was the only friend I could confide in.

But surprisingly she never told Will, instead became more supportive, and she shared a lot of relationship books and videos with me in the hope that they would help. They did. This particular video she shared with me was what got my attention and from where I learned about the book “His secret obsession’’. It taught me a lot and not only did it help me shape my love life, it equally helped me find and keep the most wonderful man in the world.

Yes, I finally met a man who seems to genuinely love me after my third relationship since my divorce. Our relationship is almost a year now, and he is already talking about marriage. Though I don’t think I am ready for that level of commitment anymore. But Fred is a good man, he is everything you would want in a man except that he doesn’t work out. And we will work on that together pretty soon😁.

I must say, it’s not been easy but I have learned a lot that I think if I continue at this pace, I may become one of the best relationship coaches the world will have in a few years to come.

If you are also having similar problem in your relationship or marriage life, you may want to check out this book, it helped me a lot. Infact, it was a life changer.

What do you think?

Written by Habeeb


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