10 Types Of Food You Must Know How To Cook To Survive On Campus


There are certain life skills you need to survive the Uni, most especially in Nigeria. The most important of them all is: you need to know how to cook especially for the days when you need to manage the last 2k in your account for 2 weeks. Here are 10 meals you must know.

You just need to be your own expert at preparing this meal unless you don’t mind hunger gouging your eyes out.
Now, not everybody will be able to relate with these, this post is for kindred spirit. If you are the O.B.O type, please STAY AWAY! (Lol)
Please just continue swiping to the left to view the Instagram posts below to see which food you can relate with:

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Now guys, which of these food is your life saviour. The one that comes to your aid when the pangs of hunger is about to sniff away your life? Which one?

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Written by Bello Habeeb


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