Meet Christiana Bellatrix, The Entrepreneurial Beauty From Kwara State University

I am a jack of all trades says Christiana Bellatrix, CEO Trix Organics


Hello guys. It is pretty good to be back after being away for a while. So many things has happened and we can only apologize for being away for so long and most importantly, not delivering on our promise of publishing the first student digital magazine that will be one of its kind.

After in-house consultations and strategy planning, we have unanimously reached a consensus as a team to pend the idea of a student digital magazine. We are not bailing out totally on this idea as it is our vision to be at the forefront of student-focused innovations and digital transformations in Nigeria and beyond.

But for the time being, we have created a section on this website where some of our planned contents for the magazine will be going live regularly. One of such content is an interview with our Magazine cover model, Christiana Bellatrix from Kwara State University (KWASU).

Happy Bella

Bellatrix is an embodiment of beauty and enterprise and she is definitely one of the very down to earth people you could meet especially for a girl with her kind of endowments.

Not to prolong matters, meet the Face Of Kokocampus for this month as she sheds more light about herself in our interview with her.


Beautiful Bella With The Smile

Hi Bella, Can we meet you?

Hello, I am Christiana Bellatrix Famuyiwa. A 300 level student of Kwara State University.

What are you studying?

Library And Information Science.

Tell us more about you, the secondary school you attended, your hobbies and know, stuff like that.

Ok, I attended Dee Unique International College and I have a quite a lot of hobbies. I am very active in nature and I love getting engaged in many things.

Yeah, Can you tell us some of those things, particularly the ones you enjoy doing the most?

Alright. I love reading, cooking, swimming. I am also a good actress. I love to act.

Who is your Celebrity crush or  favorite Naija Celeb?


Are you serious?

Yeah, I am not crazy about any celebrity. They are all great in their own way.

If you don’t have a celebrity you can literally die for, can we know the music at top of your playlist?

I am sorry, I don’t wanna be boring but currently, I don’t have a favorite Naija music. Tons of our  musicians are producing great music and I just listen to any one of them that comes my way.

Uh😪..Since you are not so crazy about entertainment and social lifestyle, then you must be the business minded type of lady. So, Bella, do you have a business?

Yes! There are lots of businesses I am currently into. You can call me a jack of all trades.

Oh! I was  kind of expecting that. Can you kindly tell us a little about these businesses, how it all started and the progress you are making?

Ah. Thank you. Like I said earlier, I am like a jack of all trades. I make wigs, cook and I’m also into a transport business called Bellatrix motors Ng. This transport business is mainly for ilorin students coming from Lagos. My mission is to give comfort to students coming to school cos the bus will drop them directly in front of their hostels. This will reduce the stress of moving their luggage from one bus to another. The business is progressing little by little since we are still trying to earn the trust of students which we can say is 70% now.

That’s great. We wish you good luck in your entrepreneurship journey.
So Bella, what is your selling point? What do people admire about you?

That’s my face I think. It what’s I get compliments on.

That came as no surprise. You sure are really beautiful  but are you sure that’s the main thing because I can see something else oo..👀

LOL..  What is that?

You know na😂

What is your favorite hangout and what kind of people would you be found hanging out with?

Like I have said earlier, I love swimming. So, pools are my favorite hangout spot. About people I hangout with. They are my friends and family. Generally, I only roll with honest people, people that I can trust. I dislike liars.

Wow.. that’s deep, now that your are in your penultimate year, what are your plans for after school life?

My plan is to make the transport business bigger which will also include my cooking business since travelers would always want to eat. I see myself taking my acting career to another level and I hope to be a renowned actress in future.

Oh, that’s awesome. That sounds like one a hell of a plan. God help you. Thank you for granting us this interview.

It’s my pleasure. Thank you too. Kokocampus to the world



It is a quite appealing to see the big dreams of Bella and her working tirelessly towards achieving them. Now you must have understood why we introduced her as an embodiment of beauty and enterprise.

Good luck Bella, we sincerely hope you don’t look focus while you consistently work towards taking your small businesses to greater heights! Keep glowing!

You can follow Bella on Instagram here.

That is all about the Face Of Kokocampus this month. If you know you have what it takes to be next face of Kokocampus, send us a d.m on Instagram or click here. We’d love to hear from you.

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