About Us

Kokocampus.com.ng, unlike its competitors, is not just an education blog about examination and scholarship news. It is much bigger than that.

It is a modern, multidimensional and multi-faceted online media platform aimed and designed to tackle all the challenges faced by aspiring, undergraduate and postgraduate students in their academic, financial and social life with a greater focus on the undergraduate in the various academic institutions and campuses within and outside Nigeria.

As opposed to the current internet trend of juvenile websites claiming to be the best or “No 1.” In their niche, we are not. We are young, growing and continually experimenting. We are no way the No 1 in anything as at the time of this writing but we plan to stand out from the ever teeming crowd of low-class education blogs/websites.

We are innovative in our website design, features, purpose, audience, and content.


As much as we tried to make our brand stand out with our beautiful yet simple logo and website design. We made sure our user interface is friendly so that our audience who have been navigating other websites before our arrival will still find us as a regular website they are familiar with (but just way more beautiful and better) in terms of user experience (UX). And we are not even there yet!


Based on the services we want to render to our target audience, our website has been constructed to have different sections with each one having one or more features to make life easier for Nigerian students. The sections include:


These section of our website is to keep Nigerian students (aspiring or not) informed on the latest education news, campus gist, money-making tips, tutorials, Quiz and many more.


This section of our site will feature our monthly digital publication that will cover interesting interviews with great student achievers, young successful entrepreneurs (that will serve as student role models & mentors), glamorous campus events, relationship advice, fictional stories & true-life stories. This section will give you a brief intro as to the content of each publication and allow users to download the full magazine offline to enjoy in their leisure time.


Our campus studio will feature very interesting videos and audios contents about students from us and several other sources (of course with full credits to them). The videos will be featured on our campus Tv and the audios on the campus radio. Student artiste/musicians, actors/actresses, comedians can seize the opportunity to give their work the exposure it deserves by helping them post their video and audio contents on our platform for free!


This section is basically an online library where students can either download e-books, courses, tools, and educational materials for free or at a cheap price. Book authors can also publish their book to this section for free or for sale. All that will be required of them is to contact the admin.


Our primary aim as an edutainment brand is to be the number 1 go-to authority on students and student affairs in Nigeria, Africa and hopefully the world at large.


For what we do and will be doing, we don’t think there is a better audience that can catch up fast on our innovative ways like the ones we are targeting “students” and the interesting fact is that we can never run out of audience because just as the saying goes: “once a student, always a student”. The flexibility of our targeted audience is what will always make us a winner. We might as well wake up one day and launch “Koko Jobs”, a platform that will help students find and secure jobs after graduating. We are still focusing on the same audience, aren’t we? We are not saying we are going to do or not do that though (Lol).


Of course, our website is not going to be a rubbish dump of “Higihaga” contents from across the web. We are going to be spicing things up with our original contents.


Our dream for Kokocampus is filled with so many exciting details. One of it is having a yearly reality show like Big Brother Naija but strictly for students.

The biggest of our dream which is a little currently off-reality is to bring the whole idea of our brand, the whole aforementioned features of Kokocampus to virtual reality. To create a virtual experience of campus life online. To give students a second life online. That sounds impossible, right? Well, it is. Check this out.


Oops! We’d love to share with you what our brilliant monetization strategies for Kokocampus are but for competitive reasons, we can’t. Please click here to contact us if you are interested in our project and want to contribute.


If after reading through, you found yourself to be interested in what we do or will be doing and would like to support or partner with us, reach out to us through us through the listed mediums below. We need people like you to invest in us.

Whatsapp 09078987201

Email: [email protected]