Do you have a gist for us? Are there any happenings in your school worth covering on Kokocampus?
We are a news and information website for students. We cover stories about students, lecturers and several happenings in Nigerian tertiary institutions and beyond. Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to cover every story and event happening on the various campuses, we find it near-impossible to be present all over to cover the gist at ones.
So, therefore, asides from the stories we get from across the web and from some of our handful insider sources and contributors, we’d love you to help us get stories of events happening in your school. Be our ambassador, help us get stories that we can present to help other students gain insight to your school campus life.
We accept all kinds of information you can provide. You don’t need to be a good writer, we don’t care about your use of English. You can present your stories to us in any way you can. It will be our job to do the needful and form a comprehensive write up around your stories. You know what? You can even write to us in your indigenous/local language!
As our source, your safety is really important to us and every single information you pass to us will be published anonymously under our own name unless you otherwise want to be credited for it.
With all said, To submit your stories to us,  simply chat me up on WhatsApp here. You can also put a call through to +2349039498519.
Get more info on how to reach us on our contact page here. We’d love to hear from you!