We source our news from our correspondents and reporters across the Nigerian campuses. We investigate news on social media platforms of individuals and fans to find its authenticity before we break it to our audience across the globe.

We, I repeat, we have never and will never report news based on racial, tribalistic, social discrimination, gender and religious bias.
We try to be as accurate and fair as possible in our news reports and all information across this website.
We believe even students and youths deserve fair journalism.
Information and articles discussed on our website aimed at guiding students in their day-to- day life activities are always a product of deep and painstaking research to produce standard and worthwhile contents.
Though, this is a student-focused website, our content doesn’t revolve around
education and academics alone. Thus is where we stand out, we produce contents for other categories that students take interest in. That’s why when you see latest entertainment trends, music, comedy and relationship talk, you should know we have not mumble niches.
Anything found in the typical students’ lifestyle is what we focus on regardless of niches.
But just know that we will never be caught talking about 1960’s musicals or how to live peacefully in your 80’s. We will only discuss topics from the different niches in relevance to student’s lifestyle.
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