(2021) 4 Quickest Ways Of Making Money Online In Nigeria For Students And Graduates

Making money online is not a piece of cake, neither is making money offline too but it is both possible if you are ready to give it what it takes

make money online in Nigeria

Are you looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria as a student without stress? In this article, you will find a list of well-detailed ways to earn money as a student in Nigeria both online and offline with or without any skill.

If you are reading this post, then you are one of the majority of “broke” Nigerian students who don’t have parents to fill their account with cash at every beck and call.

Just like the typical Nigerian society where oppression and social strata are the order of the day, Nigerian universities and other tertiary institutions are also filled with this clandestine way of life.

It is easy to spot one student driving around in one of his dad’s posh cars and another one who cannot even afford himself a bottle of soft drink after a rigorous trek from one lecture venue to another. Such is the way of life around here.

To those students that were not born with a silver spoon and have decided to steer clear of internet fraud (a.k.a yahoo), you are the real deal. And because of you, I have shared some quick ways to make that extra cash needed.

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Now, I am going to show you ways to make money online in Nigeria as a student. And I can almost promise that when you read this through and put it into use, you will be financially buoyant enough to take your crush or babe on a proper date. Don’t thank me, it’s all in the spirit of brotherhood! Cheers!


Meanwhile, before we start, there is no guarantee that any of the ways stated below will make you rich enough to buy a car or get yourself the latest iPhone. It is possible but there is no guarantee. This post is to help you find alternative ways of supplementing your pocket money and relieve your parents a little.

All that said, let’s delve into it.

1. Digital Content Creation (DCC)

This is the perhaps the simplest, easiest way to make money online Nigeria in 2021 even if you are a broke student. What is Digital Content Creation and how can you make money from it? Find a comfortable place to seat as I will be revealing to you our number two source of income from this website. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t a website like ours. Just pay attention to the next set of paragraphs, this may the information that will positively change your financial status for ever.

Digital content creation in its basic meaning is the creation of digital products like e-book, app, video courses and any other material in Digital that has provides value, solve a problem or problems that are desperately looking for a solution too. Still don’t understand? Or perhaps, this is all too much for you. Calm down, I will break the whole process down that at end of this article, you will put a call through to thank me for the premium information I am about to reveal.



2. Online training

 This is gradually getting popular in Nigeria. If you can either write or speak well, you can write e-books or record video tutorials and sell them online. There are websites like YouTube and Udemy that let you monetize your video. 

But the catch to this is, you need to have a valuable and problem-solving skill that would benefit others. Once you have a skill and proven results to show that you are good at it, others will pay you to teach them.

If you are not sure you have any problem-solving skill that can make you money, check out our online academy here to learn one and start cashing out.


If you have the gift of writing, I don’t mean copying words from one book to another. I mean if you are good with words and can write a good piece of content, then the sky is your limit.

The first thing I would advise you to do is get familiar with the internet, browse a lot. Jump from one website or blog to another. Believe me. That is the quickest route through which your biblical “manna” can fall from.

Next, download different YouTube tutorials on “content writing tutorials for beginners’’. They will help you polish your writing skills. Find the topics/areas or niche you love reading about, it is these areas you will find easy writing articles on.

If you’ve decided on what you want to be writing on, find a big or medium size website that talks about these sorts of topics. Get their email from their contact page and mail them. I wouldn’t go deep on how you will write the email to entice them so that they can hire you. It’s part of your job as a content writer, you would have come across videos on YouTube that will guide you if you follow the advice I gave earlier.

My brother/sister, if you manage to land a job with a cool website, your problem of being broke is over. You may earn good enough money as some graduates (50 to 100k a month). I am telling you from experience. I did this during my SIWES program and the owner of Naijakowhow paid me 1k for every post I wrote that was posted on the website. Here is one of my articles that ranked so high on Google for the website back then.

In other to be successful in this content writing game, you will need to get a good laptop with long battery life and a regular supply of cellular data. I am sure your school has that strong Wi-Fi connection you use to stream YouTube videos and download large size movies from NetNaija. You can make use of that too. Be consistent and meet up with the demands of the website admin otherwise your employer or else you may lose your job as I did.

3. Freelancing

This involves doing various quick jobs both online and offline to make quick cash. But the thing about freelancing (most especially online) is you need a skill to land gigs. Skills like web design, graphics design, and many others. So if you have not been fortunate enough to possess a skill to help others so that they can pay you for your help, then this is no “quick way to make money for you as a student”. It either you keep managing your meagre pocket money and continue taking that large dose of “Garri” you take often or you sacrifice some of your pocket money, enrol for training to acquire skill on something you love doing and is marketable. I will advise you, the quickest ones you can learn now is how to build websites with WordPress (which requires no coding) or you learn graphics design, everybody needs these guys these days.

Popular examples of websites you can land gigs from as a freelancer include; Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Iwriter and many more.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves teaming up with some companies, help them sell their products or service and they will part way with some percentage of the profit they make with you. Do you know some people who make money as Jumia agents and Konga affiliates? This is an example of affiliate marketing but not even typical enough. Learn more about affiliate marketing and how it can change your life forever here.

Even more predominant now are affiliates who promote information and digital products like e-book, video training and seminars. I know a handful of guys who has made a couple of millions promoting other people’s digital products on websites like Expertnaire, Clickbank and others.


There are other ways to make money online which include E-commerce/ Dropshipping, Drop servicing, Cryptocurrency, Forex Trading and Mini-importation. Because this article is focused on how you can make money with little to no capital, I won’t elaborate more on these as they require some moderate amount of capital to achieve success.

If you think you have enough to go into these businesses and all you need is proper guidance so all your money doesn’t go to waste, then click here.



So, guys, that’s it. If you are wondering why I did not include some jobs like blogging, programming, fashion designing, singing, bricklaying (lol), etc. That is because this post is about quick ways to make money as a student online and offline. Mind the words: “quick”, and “2021”.

We tried to bring you the ways you can quickly and easily make money as a student in this new era of ours. Some of the works that were excluded either take time to make money from or requires large cash investment, or take a lot of your academic time or just simply too tedious.

PsOh! Don’t engage in cyber fraud (a.k.a yahoo yahoo), it seems like the fastest way of making cash but remember: “Police and EFCC no get pity oo” and nemesis will always catch up with you.

What do you think?

Written by Bello Habeeb


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